Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly FAQ, Captain Kevin Donnelly in memory dedication

Captain Kevin Donnelly is included in the September 2009 “memory dedication” of this detailed HCV FAQ.

I have included the link for the entire document and the names of the copyright authors.


September 2009

This FAQ is dedicated to the memory of David H. Kehrer, LTC John Heintz (Peters) and his wife Patricia, Daniel Bodiford, Dr. Horst Irmler, Jude Saucier, Capt. Kevin Donnelly, Ron Thiel, ”Uncle” Dave Lang, Guy Thisdelle, “Apache” Pat Davis , Frank Darlington, Dave FitzGerald and Sandra Tara Balduf (Ane Palmo).

(from document:) HepCBC/HEPV-L Hepatitis C FAQ copyright 1996-2010 by Dr. C.D. Mazoff, PhD,,, and Joan King, Patricia Johnson,

Go soothingly on the greasy mud, for therein lies the skid demon. – Chinese Road Sign

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