Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly

8/5/14: Gone Today, Won’t Live Longer, and Bono

Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly died 14 years ago today.

I am still documenting – as I promised Captain Kevin.

We continue to move forward assisting veterans, their families, and individuals with HCV.

We continue to take steps.

We continue to advocate.

We continue to take chances.

As Captain Kevin did.  Indeed he did.  Did.

Kevin’s Sister

“Why?  I gave him my Word.”


“When you stop taking chances

You’ll stay where you sit

You won’t live any longer,

But it’ll feel like it.”

Bono, Irish Activist, Musician


“Why?  I gave him my Word.”

Kevin’s Sister

Monette Benoit

HV with HCV = Helping Veterans and Families with Hep C

One Salute At A Time

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