Army medic/soldier Kevin in Germany, polishing shoes. Best part of his life, he said, was enlisting. He lived three years in a tent outdoors in the field as an Army medic. This was a rare picture, inside. 

Only regret, he always said, was stepping forward to be first.  When?  When military experimentation vaccination came to their tent at 4:30 AM, and they were ordered to line-up. They were told whoever was first would get time off. 

Kevin stepped forward ‘first’ to lead by example — and to get time off. That was what he was angry about when he learned Army had doctored his medical records and shenanigans, which led to his death. Stepping forward to be “first“ was the only anger he held toward Army.  —  Even learning entire troop had been followed with medical records. — Even learning when he was diagnosed years and years later and learned that members of his group had already died, or were dying. Just a couple soldiers were alive.  And they were sick, too. 

The only fact this good soldier was angry about, at 17-years old, was “being first“ to receive experimental vaccination for non-hep. That’s what it was called. “Non-hep.” Good thing he listened to the stern military sentences.

“Keep a copy of everything, including your toilet paper if you can.“ Because he had listened to leaders and officers telling him what to do – this good soldier “kept a copy of everything“ but not the toilet paper. 

The copy of “everything“ opened the window to the tragic path he had already been on, and did not yet know why he was so sick for so long. He and others would know soon, though. 

How?  Because of the constant advice and stern words “keep a copy of everything!“

It is easier to notice your medical records have been ‘doctored’ (he thought that word was a wise choice) by medical personnel when you had the original and different records arrived, via mail.  Different.

        Kevin’s Sister is not quite so charitable as he was with ‘only’ being upset over “being first.“  Not at all. 

        Thank goodness Captain Kevin did listen to “keep a copy of everything.“  These details continue to prove true facts. Especially after marriage to Justine [Tina] Velocci Lomonte. Then, multiple – huge – inaccuracies were attempting to become facts.  The result?  Documentations within the Lindenhurst residence, marriage, and his Army vaccinations — each — necessitated accurate documentations.   Accuracy is the focus.  Still.

Truth isn’t frightening when documented correctly.  Horrifying, yes.  Tragic, oh yes.  Deadly?  Then, yes.

Truth is powerful when you or a member of your family learns that you have been infected with a disease that will kill you, as Captain Kevin was told when diagnosed.  Additionally, our dad, also an Army veteran was infected with hepatitis C.  Not an experimental military vaccination this time.  No.  This infectious disease was gifted via the ‘safe, standard’ blood bank within a hospital. Very different. Yes.  Yet Dad’s Hep C was very different than Captain Kevin’s direct “virulent” injection.  Each different.  Each Army veteran died.  My brother and my dad.  Together – too early.  Too soon.

    And there we have it. 

4:30 AM in the fields of Germany outside a tent, young soldiers ordered to “line-up” in their underwear to receive an experimental vaccination.

Captain Kevin’s research documents accurate facts from 1942, the bad Yellow Fever serum in Brazil that was injected. Knowing the serum was not good.  The next year?  U.S. soldiers received the bad serum, 1943. This virus mutates as all viruses do.   This is why truth remains powerful.

  Salute to all soldiers, veterans and to the families who also serve.  Merci.

Why?  I gave him my Word.God Bless,
Kevin’s Sister