August 5, 2019, update for Captain Kevin Donnelly is ready and will be expanded.  Why?  I gave him my Word.

Though Kevin is gone now 19 (!) years today, his research-work that ‘did’ disappear, his predictions that did ‘not’ disappear, truths and actions of people around him near his death and thereafter -when combined with facts how veterans and families advocated for HCV, Hepatitis C, treatments – the compilation reveals amazing acts by strangers, family, estranged family (we all have ’em, yes?), the medical community, and companies -large and small.  The “dollah” does affect many, as Kevin predicted.

Kevin -and others who died with HCV- to include my (our) dad, Army veteran, would be amazed how wide and how far challenges unfolded.

Neither Kevin’s August 2000, nor Emmett James Donnelly’s September 2011, death certificate list Hepatitis C.   Nope.  Neither.  Nadda.

Yet, both, each veterans, died with Hep C, as evidenced in all medical reports and by multiple doctors.

Diagnosed, late December 1997, Captain Kevin was given a death sentence of approximately 2 years by the doctor reading from a clipboard.  Kevin was in his mid-40s.  Really.  Damn.  From?  You’re not supposed to ask, we’re told.  Source: military vaccinations.  Documented.

Diagnosed, years later, my dad, was told over the phone (!) about his HCV and advised to come in “immediately” for Interferon treatments.  Dad was in his late-70s.  Really.  Damn.  From?  Again, not supposed to ask.  Source: blood transfusions in hospital.  Documented.

LeighAnn Vogel, Army veteran, was the go-to-person -my mom and I reached out to prevent Dad from  accepting the “many” offers to “immediately begin” Interferon, via new “telephone diagnosis.” Damn.

LeighAnn Vogel passed January 2015.  She needs to be saluted for her tireless advocacy and work -with Captain Kevin (they were like siblings who could laugh ‘and’ argue in a heartbeat and stay focused).  She continued the HCV work, post-Kevin’s death.  LeighAnn Vogel also fought for veterans and families, changing the course of this disease and treatment possibilities.

People now diagnosed with HCV have medications, cures (!), and possibilities that are available – depending on available funds – that Kevin predicted would come.  His predictions, for better and for worse, have bloomed, and many – too dang many – are spot-on – within timelines Kevin established would occur post-death – yes, “dollah.”

I promised Kevin, my youngest brother, that I would document, would update, would continue to share his truths, and I am.  The work is backed-up and expands.

Goals continue to be established and met. We continue -as we bring facts and truth from the past and focus on our documenting.  Why?  See below.

“Why?  I gave him my Word.”

Kevin’s Sister

HV with HCV = Helping Veterans and Families with Hep C

One Salute At A Time