Captions for each picture have been included in five separate posts [published today, Memorial Day 2024].

This is a salute to my youngest brother.  A salute to all who served, are serving, and to families.

Why?  I gave him my Word.

God Bless,
Kevin’s Sister, Monette

Note:  Below is a picture with the ‘first’ tombstone – as listed by his veteran wife Justine [Tina] Velocci Lomonte, Army veteran.  She included “2nd Lt” and not his correct rank, Captain.

When I saw this picture I phoned Calverton Cemetery.

They well remembered ‘this’ burial, widow, specific details many shared with me.

I stated that Captain Kevin had been denied his rank of ‘Major’ with the letter from the Army arriving the day of his Dalton Funeral Home – afternoon and evening 2-hour viewing.

How do I know?  The widow showed me the “denial of major” letter sticking out of her purse with a tap of her toe, right foot, as it stood [up] in her purse.  Can’t make that or these details up.  No.

Because I had been told about the letter, seen the toe tap on the purse with details.  Plus, this widow raised white legal-sized envelope in the air with her right hand — before placing it back in her purse.

I knew the rank would and could be accurately documented by proper military authorities and not by spouse.

Calverton staff said I needed proof for the correct rank.  No problem.  I thanked each professional.

With a few phone calls and learning about ranks, listings and sharing ‘the sister here’ attempting to have the true rank — I requested assistance how to document from the military direct to military cemetery.  Soldiers and officers corrected the paperwork for the tombstone rank of Captain to Calverton Cemetery, Riverhead.

The tombstone was replaced, taxpayer’s expense, to include correct rank.  And there we have it.  Below.

I often am asked to include this picture because it was just the beginning of a long, unnecessary portrayal of respect to a soldier.  Just the beginning.  And who knew? I was simply a sister seeking to process the facts.  Dad’s advanced cancer had returned.  He and Mom were unable to attend their youngest son’s funeral because of very recent surgery. My siblings chose to stay with Mom and Dad who were both grief-stricken for not being able to attend.

Additionally, the picture is included below because many soldiers and veterans state they like the ‘white circle’ light in this picture.

An angel light, some have asked?  Perhaps.

Yet, important to this Sister is the fact that through detailed time to document a life, his death, and the many attempted lies now – The correct Captain tombstone is now respectful, appropriate and ‘accurate’ for this deceased soldier.