Pic #1 of 5 – posted Memorial Day, 2024.  Officially Enlisting Army ( — first enlistment needed this recruiter to ‘officially’ bring Army papers …)

Soldier Kevin enlisting, 17-years old. (Originally, this young man who excelled in sports – pole vaulting, track, etc., enlisted without parents’ consent w a form he gave Dad to sign “for sports.”)  Here – the official Army enlistment. Soldier still underage signing enlistment papers which both parents reviewed.  Note: eagle-mother watching.  She did not shed a tear until recruiter left.  Her twin enlisted WWII — underage in the Marines.  The Marine then shipped out to Iwo Jima, Okinowa, Saipan, multiple frontlines – without notice to his family.  Best day of his life, U.S. Marine soldier always said, was the day he was shot multiple times.  Then, he was fed steaks, so his mother would not “see how underweight” he was as he was discharged.  Oh yes.  Soldier Kevin’s mother did not shed a tear until recruiter left the front door.  Then Mom’s tears flowed.  Only then.

Why?  I gave him my Word.

God Bless,
Kevin’s Sister