Memorial Day was always important to Kevin Donnelly – even before he enlisted.

Respectfully, Captain Kevin always took time to honor veterans prior to his death with HCV, hep C, August 5, 2000.  Always.

This year, I, Kevin’s Sister, continues his message.  I thank all veterans and their families for service.  We honor you, veterans and veterans’ families today, Memorial Day 2010.

(Below Captain Kevin’s poem is a link for additional veteran poetry by Kevin and also information to Kevin’s wonderful gift to veterans and their families “The Panama Story.”   ** Kevin’s story was photocopied by veterans and left in clinics and vet gatherings, so veterans would have additional information.  Veterans spread the message.  They were grateful for the information.  Kevin was always humbled and proud by this action.  My wish is you will share, too.)


By Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly

Copyright ©, All Rights Reserved.

A veteran stood alone today,
Just staring, at the Capitol steps.
Wondering, how long it would take,
For the leaders, to pay their respect.

For decades heroes have been forgotten,
Except when all felt the shame.
Of the vets that died from yester-year,
The one’s who had no names.

Inside the great Capitol,
This veteran noted to himself,
Are politicians who like to wave the flag,
But look the other way, when asked to help.
They know not what they do.
For they are politicians, and do it for greed.

The veteran does their part,
Because of this country’s needs.
The veteran, alone, stood and stared,
Then started to approach the marble steps.
“If it’s flag waving and honor they want,
Then surely, surely, they want a vet!”

As the Capitol neared,
And the vet approached the first steps,
The flag atop the building suddenly snapped, and waved
And greeted, the lonely vet.

It waved from high atop, the Nation’s Capitol.
Far removed, from the politician’s embrace.
It saluted Arlington Cemetery,
And all the great, great, heroes in that place.
The flag will never be,
For those that think, of only “Me”.

The veteran is a veteran,
Because they always think of “We.”

By Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly
May 1998

“Why?  I gave him my Word.”

Kevin’s Sister

HV with HCV = Helping Veterans and Families with Hep C

Additional poetry by Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, proud veteran, may be found:

Captain Kevin wrote “The Panama Story” which is available, per his request, free  on the Internet.

Kevin’s story tracks the origins of the hepatitis virus, “non-hep”, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C,  HCV, hep mutations – and a few other details.  He combined the facts with a fast-paced read for veterans and their families.

“The Panama Story”

By Kevin Drue Donnelly

Kevin’s story, written one chapter each evening, may be accessed:

Please share with veterans.  We share the message one salute at a time passed on with honor and gratefulness.