Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly was born 55 years ago today, November 14, 1958.

To celebrate Kevin’s life today Kevin’s mother requested a gift in her son’s name.

Today, an “Upgrade Kit” was purchased with Operation Helmet. gives soldiers now in service “cushioning helmet pads” to help to protect from brain injury.


Approximately 70,105 helmets have been upgraded for our soldiers — by donations.


Operation Helmet may be be reached at and by phone 936-449-9706.

Their motto is “Help Protect our Heroes.”


This Helmet Upgrade Kit, in memory of Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, will assist a soldier — and his loved ones.

Captain Kevin would be 55 today.  We would have celebrated together.  Assisting a soldier in Kevin’s name has eased the heartache of his mother and that of his sister (me).  We – family – stand together – honoring our soldiers and veterans.

“Why?  I gave him my Word.”

Kevin’s Sister

HV with HCV = Helping Veterans and Families with Hep C

One Salute At A Time