55 Years Today and Operation Helmet: Help Protect Our Heroes

Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly was born 55 years ago today, November 14, 1958.

To celebrate Kevin’s life today Kevin’s mother requested a gift in her son’s name.

Today, an “Upgrade Kit” was purchased with Operation Helmet.

www.operation-helmet.org gives soldiers now in service “cushioning helmet pads” to help to protect from brain injury.


Approximately 70,105 helmets have been upgraded for our soldiers — by donations.


Operation Helmet may be be reached at www.operation-helmet.org and by phone 936-449-9706.

Their motto is “Help Protect our Heroes.”


This Helmet Upgrade Kit, in memory of Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, will assist a soldier — and his loved ones.

Captain Kevin would be 55 today.  We would have celebrated together.  Assisting a soldier in Kevin’s name has eased the heartache of his mother and that of his sister (me).  We – family – stand together – honoring our soldiers and veterans.

“Why?  I gave him my Word.”

Kevin’s Sister


HV with HCV = Helping Veterans and Families with Hep C

One Salute At A Time